Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 30

Day 30, that's right it's been 30 days since Jodie's bone marrow transplant.  WOW, God is good, so very good!!!

Jodie's blood counts are improving. 

Her white cells were at 4 today, they've been as high as 7.  Normal range should be 4 to 12.  Remember, her white cell counts were 0.01 prior to the transplant.

Her red blood cells, 8.4 today.  Normal range should be 7 to 10.

And lastly platelets, they were at 116 today.  Typical range is 150 to 400.  Prior to the transplant, Jodie's highest counts were around 50 and that was after a platelet transfusion.

Praise God, all of these new numbers are a result of her new bone marrow.

Jodie has been out of the hospital and in a local apartment with her sister Joyce for almost two weeks now.  She's still at the hospital everyday for blood work and IV medication, but she's normally done by the afternoon.

She's really been enjoying a more normal life since being in an apartment, eating out once in a while and trip to Target every now an then too.  She just uses some caution when going out, wearing a mask and going out during less crowded times of the day.  Earlier this week we got more good news on Jodie's pneumonia.  "Considerably better" in the words of the doctors and nurses.


My dad continues on his regimen of chemo drugs, 2 weeks on 1 week off.  Overall he is doing well too.  While we were in the hospital, he was our main errand person, food, laundry, transportation whatever we needed.  My dad gets around so well most of the time, I sometimes forget about his cancer, I think that's the way he likes it.  He wants it less about him and more about taking care of Jodie and everyone else, that's how he's always been.


Prayer requests:

-We praise God for Jodie's improving health, pray for her new bone marrow to continue making blood cells.

-We praise God for my dad's response to his cancer medication

-We praise God for Jodie's sister Joyce who is her full time caregiver

-Pray for our health in Dallas Elizabeth (ear infection and pink eye), Tyler (pink eye)


While typing this update, a movie called The Rainmaker was on tv.  It's a lawyer drama and the main story is about a family whose son dies because their insurance company denies coverage for a life saving bone marrow transplant and sadly they had no other resources to help pay for the procedure.  Oh how blessed we have been.

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you."

Indeed it is,

The Gees

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 20 - Jodie Leaves the Hospital

Good news continues for Jodie.


Jodie was released from the hospital on Monday.  She will now spend the next couple of months in a local apartment in Houston.  The apartment complex is minutes away from the hospital and also provides a shuttle service for convenience.

She will have daily visits to the hospital for blood tests, visits with her doctor and continued IV medications.


The doctors say it takes 2-4 weeks from transplant to see signs of engraftment.  Praise God that we are starting to see signs of it with Jodie.  Today (Wed), will be 1 week since her last white blood cell transfusion and her counts are beginning to normalize.  What we really want to see are those counts increasing and not falling off.


Despite a couple of restless nights this week and some nausea, Jodie is feeling well overall.


Blessings everyone!

The Gees

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 14

14 days after the bone marrow transplant and Jodie is doing great!!! She remains in the hospital as we wait for her new bone marrow to show signs of grafting. She's been receiving white blood cell donations every other day, but the doctors are going to discontinue it for now to see if her bone marrow is starting to graft. They say it typically takes 2-4 weeks for grafting to start. - We pray that Jodie continues to feel well and shows no side effects from the chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant or blood transfusions. - We pray that Jodie's new bone marrow grafts soon and starts to produce normal blood cells. - We praise God for surrounding Jodie and our family with a loving community of supporters. Blessings to all,
The Gees