Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No News is Good News

Wow, how time flies, it's almost been two months since our last
update. Let me quickly get to the good news I mentioned.

Praise God, Jodie has been doing wonderful, as part of her recovery
though she continues to take a cocktail of different medications to
help her body fight viruses and bacteria and to prevent the Graft vs.
Host disease I mentioned in our last email. She sees her doctor on a
weekly basis to monitor her overall health and recovery. Her white
cell counts could be higher, but her red cells and platelets are doing
great. The big plus is she's been able to stay healthy since being
home. Before the transplant, she would get sick every few weeks and
usually end up in the hospital.
Jodie's also been very busy doing normal mommy stuff picking up the
kids from school, going grocery shopping and cooking dinner for the

Regarding my dad, remember he was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer
two days after we found out about Jodie's aplastic anemia. Well, he's
doing great too! His doctor has been treating his cancer with a
targeted kidney cancer drug called Sutent. The doctor is really
excited about the drug's effect on the cancer, it's working very well
in reducing the existing cancer cells and preventing it from spreading
any further.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

Thank you all again for your ongoing prayers and support.

All glory be to God,

The Gees