Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 46 - Together Again

Has it really been 46 days since Jodie's bone marrow transplant?  Amazing, just amazing.

We were in Houston this weekend to see Jodie.  What a great time!  We also got to see my parents, Jodie's sister Joyce and our good friend Cindy.  Praise God for Joyce and Cindy as they shared caregiver duties for Jodie this week.

Jodie is doing just WONDERFUL! 

Her blood counts look pretty good, they are still on the low side of "normal" so there is still more to look forward to and hope for.

Her pneumonia is still there, but each time they check, it looks better and better.

Her hair is still there tooJ  We thought the chemo would take her hair away, but so far it has only been thinning.

Jodie has improved enough that her doctors have even relaxed her scheduled visits to the hospital.  Until recently, she's been at the hospital every day, even the weekends.  But a couple of weeks ago the doctors started to give her the weekends off and this week she got Thursday off too.

We cannot thank you enough for all the encouragement since last November when we found out about Jodie's Aplastic Anemia.  The walls in Jodie's apartment have all the evidence of your support as they are covered with cards and notes from so many of you.  

Until next time…

Blessing to all,

The Gees